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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Replace Single Or Multiple Missing Teeth

Dental implants replace single or multiple missing teeth to help restore chewing ability, aesthetics, and speech. The implant itself is titanium and replaces the root of the tooth in the jawbone. An abutment attaches the implant to a crown, which is the part that is visible. Implants can also be used to help retain and stabilize removable dentures. At this time, Dr. Nord does not conduct the surgery to place the implant into the bone. She refers her patients to specialists that she trusts to do a good job. Her patients return to her for the final restoration.

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If you feel self-conscious due to missing teeth, are uncomfortable with your dentures, or are reluctant to have your existing teeth altered for a dental bridge, it’s worth consulting with Dr. Nord to determine if dental implants are suitable for you.

Many patients find dental implants to be a secure, stable, and effective replacement for their natural teeth. The dental implant process usually involves three stages:

Initially, the implants are surgically placed into your jawbone.

Afterwards, the surrounding bone heals around the implant in a process known as osseointegration. This strength comes from the bone growing around the implant, firmly anchoring it in place.

Osseointegration, meaning “combining with the bone,” requires patience. You must wait for the implant to fully integrate, which can take several months, before the final replacement teeth can be attached to the implant post.

The final step involves the placement of the artificial tooth. For a single tooth implant, a custom dental crown is made. This crown is tailored in size, shape, color, and fit to match your natural teeth.

For multiple tooth replacements, custom bridges or dentures are crafted to suit your mouth and the implants.

It’s important to note that crafting the replacement teeth can take some time. In the interim, your dentist might provide a temporary crown or denture for normal eating and speaking until your permanent replacement is ready.

If dental implants interest you, it’s crucial to thoroughly discuss this option with your dentist. Good overall health is often more important than age for this treatment. You might also need a medical evaluation by a physician before scheduling any implant surgery.

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